Tracing the origin of CFC

During 1976 to 1979, Rev. Simon Peter was invited to speak in a gathering in SRT/230, the house of Mrs. Vajraleela Samuel. Rev. Manoranjan Luke, a Methodist Pastor and his college mate was conducting English service there every Sunday between 8.30 AM to 10 AM. It was a gathering of mostly elderly people around 15-20 from different denominations. By rotation they used to gather in homes for mid week prayer on Wednesday evenings. The senior most founder members were Mr. Richards family, Mr. Vinay Kumar’s family, Mr. N. Raja Ratnam, Mrs. Vedamani Rao, Mrs. Florence, Mrs. Lily Ghousuddin, Mrs. Sarojini Samuel, Mr. G. Joshua, Mrs. Indira Daniel, Mrs. Vimala Solomon and Mrs. Nalini Prabhakar.

In the year 1986, Rev. Manoranjan Luke was migrating to USA and requested Rev. Simon Peter to take over and lead the congregation. After prayerful consideration he took over from Rev. Luke, asking the Ameerpet school congregation to join this gathering.

How the property was acquired:

After the death of Mrs. Vajraleela Samuel, on 27th April, 1986, the church moved to Vidyanjali School (100/B) belonging to Mr. T. Vinay Kumar. Then the need for a permanent place of Worship became obvious. Mrs. Esther & Dr. Y. Williams proposed to buy a place and asked the church leadership to scout for one. Suddenly Dr. William passed away. The Fellowship members collected and donated generously which amounted to a total of Rs.35,000/-. The total requirement was Rs.2,25,000/- including registration for 6-SRT house. Then the elders held deliberations and asked the Pastor and his family to raise the money and purchase the property which would serve the dual purpose as a place of worship for the congregation and residence for the pastor. Then Pastoramma Mrs. Joy Manorama managed to pool the required funds and God blessed us with the present location of 6-SRT in 1989. The old room was demolished after a year and the present structure came into existence in the year 1990. The elders appreciated and commended Mrs. Joy Manorama for honoring Sale Agreement and Registration Efforts.
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