Youth Ministry

CFC Hyderabad Youth Ministry

Purpose Statement

The influence of society and media on today’s youth is more than ever before. Youth need role models to follow, they need to know whats right and whats wrong. As a church we want to guide the youth to make wise decisions and teach them how to walk in light of the Lord. Above all, we want them to follow the ultimate role model – Jesus Christ.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Mentoring the youth

Our youth need people who are strong in their faith, showing that they care and modeling Christian values. God wants us to honor Him, obey Him and lead by example. We spend a lot of time counseling the youth and also maintain a family like relationship with them to guide through any confusion or uncertainty they may be going through in their lives. Youngsters are very eager and enthusiastic about various things in life, we channel their focus and energy towards God so that they become Bible believing adults.

With all the things they are exposed to through TV and social media, at times young people find it difficult to lead a good Christian life. Also, the friends they have at college or at work also have a big influence on their lives. They get tempted to act like they do, talk like they do and dress like they do. To lead a good Christian life and to grow spiritually, they need to be surrounded with like minded people with whom they can share their concerns openly without being judged. Being a part of the youth group they become a part of a circle of friends who are in the similar age group, who are strong in faith and who are going through similar experiences and challenges in their lives.

Developing young leaders

Not only do we mentor our youth to be good Christians, we train them up to be leaders and to share the Gospel to everybody around them. We give opportunities not only to serve but also to lead. Its builds up their confidence and also their faith. We have a program where every last Saturday of the month, we invite one of the youth to deliver the sermon. The youth prepare the sermon taking guidance from our Pastor Suresh Manoharan. We are very happy and proud of them. We pray that they continue to grow spiritually.

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