Sunday School

At CFC we start investing in our Sunday school kids from a very young age. They learn to love God live a rightful life as to please Him. Every kid starts learning an instrument of their choice from a young age, they also learn various skills (according to the word) that would help them later in life.

Youth Group

CFCYG is the pillar of the Church. The YG provides a supportive and engaging environment where other young individuals can explore and deepen their faith, build relationships, and participate in various activities that promote spiritual growth and personal development.

Intersession Prayer

CFC has an intercessory prayer every Wednesday via Zoom meeting, where our prayer warriors join in to prayer for everyone and every request.

CFC English Library

Our Sr. Pastor has a vision to see the young generation reading and acquiring knowledge from the books. Each book in the library has been read by our Sr. Pastor and thus he approves of them to be read by others.

You can download the list of books available at the CFC Library.

Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action is a small movement initiated by CFC in order to serve our society.

Want to Join a Group? Contact us!

If you would like to join any of the ministries we would like to help you. Feel free you call Church office or use the form below to submit the details.

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